THRIVE and Be You Fully

Whether you’re a jet-setter, busy entrepreneur, soccer mom, or devoted athlete, we have an IV formulation to pick you up and keep you running on all cylinders. Thrive Hydration & Spa is made up of real people, who are interested in your desired state of wellness and beauty. Our mission is about finding that delicate balance with IV hydration therapy, functional medicine and anti-aging medicine, with a huge emphasis on health and wellness.

ThrIVe Hydration & Spa was founded by Patricia Miller, MSN, ARNP, FNP–BC, in 2020,

months after having craniectomy to remove a benign brain tumor. She realized that there was more that could be done for individuals in her greater community who wanted to prevent illness and maintain their health. ThrIVe is one of Orlando’s full-scale hydration, wellness and aesthetic spa. Patricia has over 15 years of medical experience in critical care, fluid and electrolyte balance, and preventative medicine.

ThrIVe’s signature and customized infusions are mixed with antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and amino acids that aid in the recovery from a variety of conditions such as but not limited to, dehydration, fatigue, migraine, brain-fog, PMS, nausea, hangovers, jetlagged, viral, leaky gut, weight loss and bacterial infections. We also offer preventative medicine for those clients who need the extra assistance on their journey to being well.

Our aesthetic services can be done while you drip or separately as part of your self-care spa day. These services include Botulinum toxin, Fillers, medically supervised weight loss, laser skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and micro-needling. These treatments can be done in combination or separately. Results may vary and are individualized.

We listen to you. You’re our priority.

At ThrIVe Hydration & Spa, we take your needs seriously. Our focused is you, our client centered care is systemized to serve you. We put your needs first when making clinical decisions. This means more time with the provider listening to your health care needs and developing an individualized plan with you based on your preferences, values, and needs.

Our medical team has experience in Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Fluid and Electrolyte balance, Nephrology, Preventative care, IV Nutrition Therapy and anti-aging management. Our team consists of a board-certified collaborating physician and medical director, board certified nurse practitioner, registered nurse, and an administrator. Our professional team will always extend excellent customer service before, during and after any of our services with a client.


We Make House Calls.


We understand that busy schedules & multiple obligations may restrict our clients from having the time to visit a physical location. Thrive Hydration is fully equipped to function 100% mobile without compromising the standard of care or customer service. This creates greater ease of access to more health and wellness options.